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Playing Chamber Music On Lake Dunmore Since 1963

Are you looking for an unforgettable summer chamber music experience? Welcome. You have found the right place.


40th Anniversary of the PCP Faculty Summer Concert Series

Emory and Diana Fanning’s first summer as PCP Owners and Directors was 1979.  Right from the beginning, they were able to attract outstanding musicians and performers to teach at the camp.  To give these talented musicians some performance opportunities, the Fannings founded the Point Counterpoint Faculty Concert Series.  During the ten years that the Fannings owned the camp, concerts were given at Mead Chapel at Middlebury College; the Salisbury Church, whose summer concert series also began in 1979 under the direction of Glenn and Barbara Andres; the Little Theatre at Breadloaf; the Lincoln Town Hall; the Brandon Inn; and the Festival on the Green, which was founded that same summer by the Fannings’ friend Dana Holby, a Dance Professor at Middlebury College.  The PCP faculty always looked forward to these performances, which were very popular with local Vermont audiences.  Perhaps more importantly, the concerts gave PCP campers a chance to experience the musical excellence and the dedication of their teachers, which was so inspiring to them.  Emory and Diana Fanning could not be more delighted that the PCP Faculty Concert Series is still going strong into its 40th anniversary year.


Point CounterPoint Faculty Concerts:    All Events are Handicap Accessible and request a Goodwill Donation

Thursday, August 1 @ 8pm:  Mead Chapel, Middlebury College sponsored by the French/German/Russian Language Schools 

Friday, August 9 @ 7:30pm:  Salisbury Congregational Church 

Friday, August 30 @ 7:30pm:  Middlebury Unitarian Universalist Church

Friday, September 6 @7:30pm      Middlebury Unitarian Universalist Church


Summer 2019 Session Dates

  • PCP Abroad: ICELAND 2019:  August 5-16 (Ages 14-18)
  • Session 1: June 23 – July 6 (Ages 11-17)
  • Session 2: July 7 – 20 (Ages 13-18)
  • Session 3: July 21 – August 3 (Ages 14-18)
  • Session 4: August 4 -17 (Ages 11-17)

Click here to learn more about applying to PCP.

All of our sessions are two weeks and are frequently combined to equal 4, 6, or even 8 weeks.

Point CounterPoint was the great turning point in my musical life, when music and nature combined to create the most inspiring environment of my youth. I wish that every young musician could spend a summer at Point CounterPoint, but I know that one of the camp's treasured features is its intimacy. The lucky few who are accepted enter a rare world, a harmonious community gathered with the common dream of becoming better musicians. The summer is a young musician's most golden opportunity to breathe the fresh air that does not seep through the winter's practice room walls. Point CounterPoint offers the environment that every serious young musician deserves.” —David Finckel, Cellist, PCP 1963-1978 and Co-Artistic Director of the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society, Music @ Menlo, and Former Cellist of the Emerson String Quartet

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Point CounterPoint
1361 Hooker Road
Leicester, VT 05733


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Contact E-mails:

Executive Director
Jenny Beck: jennyb@pointcp.com

Director of Music – Session 1
Philip Boulanger: philipboulanger@pointcp.com

Director of Music – Session 2
Ari Streisfeld: [email protected]

Co-Directors of Music – Session 3
Rita Porfiris: ritaporfiris@pointcp.com

Anton Miller: antonmiller@pointcp.com

Director of Music – Session 4
Randy Hiller: randyhiller@pointcp.com

Director of Prelude
Julia Cash: juliacash@pointcp.com

Director of Adult Chamber Music Workshop
Arielle Levioff: ariellelevioff@pointcp.com

Accounting Director
Steve Beck: stevebeck@pointcp.com

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“Not only was it great music, productive groups, and excellent coaches. We felt like a big family. At this camp, I have more good memories than I can count.”

cellist 2014

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“2014 was my fifth year at PCP. What is fulfilling is that I love all the faculty, and they challenge me to play my best. Each year I come, and I am inspired. I leave loving music more.”

violinist 2015

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“My daughter had a fantastic summer at PCP! I sincerely appreciate your commitment to our youth, music-making and their holistic development through chamber music on Lake Dunmore and activities in the surrounding Vermont communities/environment. What a gift of lifetime memories! Thank you!”

parent 2015

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“Thanks for all that you do to make camp a memorable experience for the kids. My daughter had such a great time at camp and her interest in chamber music has skyrocketed.”

parent 2015

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“What can I say...To hear our son enthusing on and on about how much he loves the Beethoven and the Dvorak he is playing. For me it’s a dream come true. Please share with your wonderful staff my deepest appreciation and congratulations for the excellence of the PCP program.”

parent 2015

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“Thank you so much for believing in him and for giving him so many opportunities at PCP. I really do think his first year at PCP completely changed his life and set him on a different track from the rest of his peers. So thank you very much. You are truly transforming lives at PCP.”

private violin teacher 2015




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