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Session Information and Details

Although the music program is generally the same in every session, the Director of Music and the faculty switch every two weeks. Each Director of Music and their faculty have their own personalities, and their passions are imparted to our campers!

In every two week session, each camper is placed in two different chamber groups. Campers will receive their music for one group at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the session.  Campers will be placed in their second group on the first Tuesday morning after placement auditions on Monday.

In every two week session, there is an off-campus public faculty concert, both on and off-campus performance opportunities for campers, coached and uncoached daily rehearsals, private lessons, music electives, and master classes.

Returning campers receive priority until December 31.  All returning campers must send a placement audition to the Director by April 15. Returning campers do not need to submit a music teacher recommendation form.

Session 1 – Ages 11-17

Sunday, June 24 – Saturday, July 7

Director of Music: Philip Boulanger, cello

For Session 1, each camper is placed in two chamber groups which will rehearse and be coached by faculty every day, and will receive three private lessons focusing on their chamber music each session. Music will be mailed out in advance for one of the two groups. Elective and music history classes will be presented several times a week, covering topics such as baroque, classical, and romantic styles, improvisation, composition, fiddling, sight-reading, and yoga for musicians. Each student will take part in masterclasses throughout the two weeks, an informal “Works in Progress” concert on the first weekend, and will perform both of their assigned pieces in their entirety at the final concert.  

2018’s Faculty:

Session 2 – Ages 13-18

Sunday, July 8 – Saturday, July 21

Director of Music: Ari Streisfeld, violin

For session #2, campers will be placed into two chamber groups and will receive coachings as well as private lessons by members of the faculty. Campers will receive music for one of the two groups in advance and will be placed in the 2nd group after an informal placement audition on the first full day of camp (pianists will receive music for both pieces in advance). A “works in progress concert” will occur at the end of the first week and both pieces will be performed in their entirety at the final concert. While chamber music repertoire will be chosen mostly from the standard repertoire, a secondary focus on contemporary music will be present throughout the session (no prior experience required). Workshops on extended string techniques, contemporary repertoire, rhythm training, and improvisation will occur during the session. Campers interested in composition will be encouraged to compose a short work to be read in an open session by the faculty during the 2nd week of camp (pieces will be recorded for campers’ personal use). Campers are encouraged to attend with an open mind and open ears as to the expressive and sonic possibilities of music!

2018 Faculty (additional faculty tba)


Session 3 – Ages 14-18

Sunday, July 22 – Saturday, August 4

Co-Directors of Music: Anton Miller, violin and Rita Porfiris, viola

Each camper is grouped into two different chamber groups. For one of your groups, you will receive the music 4 weeks in advance. For the second group, you will receive the music on the first Monday of camp. We offer elective topics like: German, French and Italian Musical Languages, Cueing (or How to be a Leader in the Blink of an Eye), Singing Bach Chorales, Best Practices for Auditioning for Music Festivals, Competitions, and College,  and How to Rehearse.  There are also weekly masterclasses with all faculty members, string orchestra readings, chamber team building exercises, and as many chamber music reading parties as we can fit in. Coupled with the natural beauty of the surroundings, we hope to inspire and be inspired.

2018 Faculty (faculty pianist tba)


ICELAND OPTION in 2018 – Sunday, August 5 – Saturday, August 11

The deadline for Iceland applications is February 1.

To many, Iceland is a place of stunning natural beauty and fairytales. There, natural geysers, tectonic plates, volcanos, glaciers, and legends of Vikings and “hidden people” abound.  But did you know Iceland is also home to a thriving music scene? From the winter’s Dark Music Days Festival of Contemporary Music, to recording studios and concert spaces, to a world class orchestra, cutting edge composers and vibrant music schools, Iceland is a nexus where contemporary meets tradition in classical music. 
In our one week Iceland extension, students will travel with PCP faculty and Session 3’s Directors to the capital area of Reykjavik, where they will participate in the Icelandic Chamber Music Festival “Tónlistarhátíð unga fólksins” or “TUF.”  During this cross cultural exchange, students will have the opportunity to perform concerts and work together with Icelandic and other international students and get coached by an international faculty, as well as see the best of what the country has to offer. 
Room and board arrangements for our campers in Iceland will be camp style, within walking distance to the festival.  Our campers will be staying in a local school which has bathroom and kitchen facilities.  Sleeping bags will be needed. There will be an Icelandic Counselor who will sleep with the campers, cook some meals, and supervise their time. We expect that the Counselor will wake them up, feed them breakfast, and walk with them to the Festival’s location, a few blocks away.  A light lunch can be purchased at the Festival.  The Icelandic Counselor will be responsible for feeding them dinner, and sleeping with the campers at the school.  $2000 inclusive (Airfare, Room, Board, Sightseeing)  Cello airfare is not included, but alternate arrangements could be made.
Only 16-20 students (ages 15-18) will be accepted and these students must have attended Session 3 prior to going to Iceland. 
For those students who are not interested in going to Iceland, there is the option to combine Session 3 with Session 2 or 4 to make a four week session. There also is the option to just attend Session 3.  We are flexible, so apply now!

Session 4 –Ages 11-17

Sunday, August 5- Saturday August 18

Director of Music: Randy Hiller, violin

Each camper is placed into two different chamber groups.  For one of your groups, you will receive the music 4 weeks in advance. For the second group, you will receive the music on the first Tuesday of camp.  One of the primary focuses in this session is sight-reading.  A class is presented at the beginning of the session on how to improve your sight-reading, and then students are allowed to form their own groups to practice chamber music sight-reading.  Many campers choose to sight-read 4 times per week or more.  Other classes are presented include music history and practice techniques.

2018 Faculty:


PCP’s Prelude program is a one week camp for ages 8-13 with its own tab on our website HERE!

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