Summer 2016 Sessions:

Session 1:  June 26 – July 16 (Ages 11-17)

Session 2:  July 17 – August 6 (Ages 14-17)

Session 3:  August 7 – 20 (Ages 11-17)

Session Prelude:  August 21 – 27 (Ages 8-13)

After April 15th, admission will be based on space availability.  Please go here to apply.

Welcome Campers!

If you are new to Point CounterPoint, welcome!  We encourage you to peruse our website, and watch our videos to get a better understanding of who we are.  You can see our lakefront campus, oberve our coaches in action, hear camper, staff and faculty testimonials and even listen to some sample music.

To apply, please visit our application page, where you can easily apply online! Please feel welcome to contact us, and ask questions.  We look forward to welcoming you to our PCP legacy!


Is music a key to success?  We couldn’t have said this any better!  



“Not only was it great music, productive groups, and excellent coaches. We felt like a big family. At this camp, I have more good memories than I can count. “ cellist 2014

“2014 was my fifth year at PCP. What is fulfilling is that I love all the faculty, and they challenge me to play my best. Each year I come, and I am inspired. I leave loving music more.” violinist

“Thanks for all that you do to make camp a memorable experience for the kids. My daughter had such a great time at camp and her interest in chamber music has skyrocketed. ”

“I had the pleasure of teaching at PCP last summer. I coached several groups over a period of a few days, and therefore got a pretty good picture of the unique values of this fine camp. The standards are high, with helpful flexibility that allows for people of varying levels to work together in the same environment. The students are both talented and smart as well as highly motivated. The morale there is excellent with a comfortable balance of good structure, hard work, fine meals and that invaluable sense of freedom in both work and play. The faculty and administration of PCP are quite outstanding. My own grand daughter attended last summer and called it, “one the most special experiences of her life.”  John Heiss, Faculty, New England Conservatory.

” Thank for for, once again, providing me with an unforgettable and insightful summer at PCP that I will cherish forever.”   PCP Camper, 2013

“Thank you so much for giving a wonderful experience to so many students at PCP! With Admiration and Appreciation,”
student piano teacher, 2013

Please know that your camp can change kids’  lives  So again, thank you!   Parent of PCP student, 2012

“When I first applied to PCP at twelve, I had expected to go for one summer, and then try something new. But I hadn’t expect to fall in love with a place like I did.
My collective nine weeks at PCP were probably the happiest of my life. It was the time when I most felt like I was part of a community, and that this community really did matter, and that I mattered too. I know that I’ll always have fond memories of blasting classical music in the Roost, photocopying quartets from the library, and in general, just discussing music, like whether we thought composers like Bartok, Stravinsky and Berg were wonderful or awful.
I think that easily the majority of why I want to become a musician is from my experience at PCP, from the amazing faculty and friends, and the musical relationships that were established.  In short, Lake Dunmore will always have an extremely special place in my heart, and I do plan to come back some day, perhaps in a decade, on the music faculty :)  Camper, 2012


PCP Kick-off Weekend

Join us in late May for our annual KICK-OFF weekend to our summer camp season!  All campers and families are welcome on a first come-first serve basis.   In return for free room and board, we will invite your help to unpack and prepare camp for the season.   If you want to join us, please email JennyB at pointcp@gmail.com.